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We Recover your Lost Data Data Recovery

Lost or accidentally deleted pictures, videos, texts, and contacts? We can recover them all!
Our expert data recovery lab is dedicated to data retrieval from phones that have sustained data loss. In our lab, we can successfully retrieve precious memories that you may think have been lost forever.
We understand that losing critical data can be both, stressful and a very emotional experience. Cell Fix Doctors has earned our reputation for data retrieval with thousands of success stories. Every case is treated with special attention by our compassionate and skilled data recovery team.
We retrieve data from all makes of cellphones so give us a call for a FREE consultation or send us an email if your phone is not working at We will take the time to walk you the process and have your data back in YOUR hands!

Our Data Recovery Services:

Free Consultation.
No Data – No Charge Policy.
Emergency Case Rush Services.


At Cell Fix Doctors, we are aware that some damage to your device requires microscopic board level repair. As a result, we have experts that are trained in micro soldering and can recover data by providing services such as: logic board repair, trace repair, long screw damage, water/liquid damage, and much more.

Our Advanced Recovery Services are:

Dim Backlight Repairs.
Water/Liquid Damage Services.
State of the Art Quality Equipment.
Dust Free Work Stations.

Our shop is located on 666 St James Street, Winnipeg Manitoba across the street from Polo Park Mall

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